NYPD Officers Charged For Rape Handcuffed Teen in Police Van

October 31, 2017
Two New York Police Department criminologists alternated assaulting a cuffed 18-year-old teen in the rearward sitting arrangement of their police van in Coney Island a month ago, as per... Read more »

Father and Son Dead Due To Drug Overdoses

October 30, 2017
A father and child purportedly dead of a speculated drugs overdose while praising a family birthday party. Joseph Andrade, 44, and his 22-year-old child, Carlos, pardoned themselves from the... Read more »

2 NYPD Officer Accused With Rape 18 Year Old Teen in Police Van

October 28, 2017
After listening to evidence for a week, a New York excellent jury has charged two officers in the New York Police Department with the main degree assault of a... Read more »

Driver Hunts After a Fall of Fire and Leaves Date Burn

October 14, 2017
A Brooklyn man, his lady buddy caught inside the flaring destruction of his close-by auto, climbed coolly into a passing taxi as the powerless lady was left beyond words.... Read more »

NYPD Officer Shot A Suspect With Rifle in Brooklyn

August 10, 2017
Police have swarmed a Brooklyn obstruct after a NYPD officer was shot in the arm by a man with a long firearm who has blockaded himself in a flat... Read more »

Brooklyn bar claims Kendall Jenner cheat bartender

August 5, 2017
Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right is claiming¬†Kendall Jenner, 21, did not leave a bartender a tip. As per the general population at Baby’s All Right, the 21-year-old model neglected to... Read more »

Shinsuke Nakamura Wins Against John Cena, Face Jinder Mahal At WWE SummerSlam

August 2, 2017
Shinsuke Nakamura crushed John Cena by means of pinfall to set up a title conflict with Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship at the greatest party of the mid... Read more »