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AutoNation no longer refuses to hire job seekers who test positive for marijuana

AutoNation Cannabis

AutoNation Inc. never again declines to hire job applicants who test positive for marijuana in drug screenings, Chief Executive Officer Mike Jackson said in a meeting. The move, which Jackson said was made discreetly two years prior, demonstrates that corporate America’s procuring rehearses are developing alongside pot’s lawful status. “On ...

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Facebook selfie showing evidence of murder

Brittney Gargol Cheyenne Antoine Facebook selfie

A Canadian lady has been sentenced killing her companion after police found the murder weapon utilized as a part of a photo of the combine via web-based networking media. Cheyenne Rose Antoine, 21, conceded on Monday to killing Brittney Gargol, 18, in March 2015. Gargol was discovered choked to death ...

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NL Doctor suspended after 2 baby dead

NL Doctor suspended after 2 baby dead 612018

A Labrador obstetrician has been requested to serve a three-month suspension and apologize after the passings of two infants in 2014. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador says Dr. Ikechukwu (Steven) Madu neglected to keep up proficient gauges. He had beforehand worked in Gander in focal ...

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