Black Man Beaten By White Men During White Supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia

October 12, 2017
A man needed in association with a strike in Charlottesville on August 12 has handed himself over to police. Twenty-year-old DeAndre Shakur Harris swung himself to the Charlottesville Police... Read more »

White Supremacists Collected in Charlottesville Again

October 8, 2017
Authorities in Virginia criticized racial oppressor Richard Spencer and many his supporters who held another rally holding tiki burns in Charlottesville on Saturday night. The city’s chairman, Mike Signer... Read more »

High School Teen Charged in Charlottesville Beating

August 26, 2017
A 18-year-old needed in association with an attack amid a Charlottesville, Virginia, racial oppressor occasion prior this month is presently in a correctional facility in Cincinnati. Daniel Patrick Borden... Read more »

Gary Cohn told interview that he felt “enormous pressure” following Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville

August 25, 2017
Gary Cohn told the Financial Times that he felt “Enormous Pressure” following Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville, where the president faulted “the two sides” for the viciousness that broke out.... Read more »

J.P. Morgan Chase Donation $2 Million To Charlottesville Victim

August 21, 2017
JPMorgan Chase and Co (JPM.N) said on Monday it will contribute up to $2 million to battle prejudice and bolster human rights in light of a white patriot rally... Read more »

Mom of Daughter Charlottesville Victim Says She Will Not Speak To President Trump

August 18, 2017
The mother of the lady slaughtered in Charlottesville, Virginia, a weekend ago said she is not inspired by got notification from the President since she trusts he compared her... Read more »

Tina Fey appeared on SNL’s satirical Weekend Update show

August 18, 2017
Tina Fey didn’t keep down on Thursday amid her appearance on “Saturday Night Live’s” mocking “Weekend Update” appear. She censured President Trump for his inability to get out racial... Read more »

North Dakota Father Denounce White Nationalist Son in Letter To Newspaper

August 14, 2017
The father of a North Dakota man who walked in a white patriot rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this end of the week has upbraided his child’s conduct, saying “he... Read more »

Heather Heyer’s Father Says ‘People Need To Stop Hating’ She is Dead in Charlottesville Violence

August 14, 2017
The father of a 32-year-old lady killed in the wake of challenging white patriots in Charlottesville, Va., had a message Monday for the nation: Stop the despise. Check Heyer... Read more »

Lexington Mayor Announces Plans To Remove Confederate Statues After Charlottesville Tragedy

August 13, 2017
The mayor of Lexington, Ky., is quickening his intends to expel Confederate statues from enter areas in the city because of viciousness prodded by white patriots in Charlottesville, Va.,... Read more »