Baby death by Marijuana overdose, Colorado doctors says

November 16, 2017
Two toxic substance control specialists claim to have archived the primary known instance of death by marijuana overdose, starting a therapeutic civil argument over what killed a 11-month-old baby... Read more »

Suspect Arrested Who Killed 3 People in Thornton’s Walmart Supercenter

November 2, 2017
A mysterious tip helped lead police to the presume blamed for lethally shooting three individuals inside a Walmart in Colorado on Wednesday. Scott Ostrem, 47, is blamed for strolling... Read more »

Colorado’s 2 kids stabbed to death

October 17, 2017
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – Two kids were discovered dead in what police are calling a “to a great degree horrifying” wrongdoing scene at a home in focal Colorado Springs.... Read more »

No Crime Case in East High School’s Cheerleading Splits

October 15, 2017
The secondary school cheerleading mentor who constrained his understudies into parts won’t be accused of a wrongdoing, the Denver prosecutor said. Various authorities at East High School in Denver... Read more »

Police Officer Fun With Cat and Raccoon on Moving Van in Colorado Springs

September 22, 2017
Some law requirement offices are getting some odd “enlisted people” as of late, as found in two interesting Facebook posts by two separate police divisions. Initial, a raccoon locked... Read more »

Colorado and California people have exercise habits

September 19, 2017
A few urban communities in Colorado and California lead the country in rates of regular exercise, as indicated by another survey. The survey, which was led by Gallup and... Read more »

Colorado Jogger woman who’s been pooping outside house

September 19, 2017
A Colorado mother is losing her s—t over a secret lady who’s been pooping outside her home in any event once every week. Cathy Budde, of Colorado Springs, said... Read more »

4 Arrest For Dead 2 Young Girls in Norwood

September 9, 2017
The San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office has distinguished the four individuals captured Friday following the disclosure of two expired young ladies on a homestead property south of Norwood. A... Read more »

Man Who Said He Was Stabbed Himself Over Neo Nazi Haircut

August 28, 2017
A man who detailed he was wounded in the parking area of a fast food eatery since he had a neo-Nazi hair style made up the story, the Sheridan... Read more »

Colorado Denver High School Cheerleader Squad Force Into Painful Splits

August 24, 2017
Police are examining a Denver secondary school’s organization after video surfaced of team promoters being constrained into doing parts, NBC member KUSA detailed. The video demonstrates an approaching green... Read more »