Lil Wayne missed his own concert since he refused to “standard safety procedures”

October 1, 2017
Promoters guaranteed Lil Wayne was conveying the warmth to Columbia’s Colonial Life Arena as the main event for the second Annual Fall Ball. Rather, the current year’s seventeenth most... Read more »

Dad Commits Suicide After 2 Year Old Child Accidentally Shoots Himself

September 8, 2017
One disaster drove promptly to another in a South Carolina home this week when cops say a little child’s coincidental demise drove his stricken father to, thusly, execute himself.... Read more »

Police Searching For Missing Pregnant High School Teacher

September 7, 2017
A pregnant instructor in Maryland was accounted for missing after she didn’t appear for the main day of school. Laura Elizabeth Wallen, 31, has not been gotten notification from... Read more »