2 More Dead in Florida Nursing Home After Lost Power During Hurricane Irma

October 9, 2017
Two more ladies who inhabited a Florida nursing home that lost power amid Hurricane Irma have kicked the bucket, as per neighborhood police, conveying the loss of life to... Read more »

Closed Florida Nursing Home Where 12 Dead Laid off Its 245 Workers

October 7, 2017
A Florida nursing home where twelve patients dead the bucket after Hurricane Irma thumped out power has shut and laid off its 245 representatives, as indicated by a notice... Read more »

National Hurricane Center says Hurricane Maria led to Puerto Rico

September 18, 2017
Hurricane Maria, now a Category 3 storm, will hit the Leeward Islands on the edge of the Caribbean Sea on Monday night, forecasters say, undermining zones that are as... Read more »

Deaf Community Outraged After Translator Signed Gibberish At Press Conference in Irma in Manatee County, Florida

September 17, 2017
A gesture based communication mediator is blamed for being a fake in the wake of marking the words “pizza” and “beast” amid a news meeting to declare a crisis... Read more »

Ohio Mother says her son died after being evacuated from drug treatment center during Hurricane Irma

September 16, 2017
Hurricane Irma didn’t execute Kyle Whaley. Not in fact. It was heroin, possibly fentanyl. In any case, who realizes what might have happened had Whaley, 25, a previous Ohio... Read more »

How Will Hurricane Jose Impact New Jersey?

September 15, 2017
With its 70 mph twists anticipated that would reinforce this end of the week and its way remaining dangerously near the East drift, Tropical Storm Jose keeps on representing... Read more »

2 Arrest For Trying To Steal A Light Pole After Hurricane Irma

September 14, 2017
Sheriff’s authorities in Florida say two men are blamed for attempting to take a $2,500 utility shaft days after Hurricane Irma caused extreme flooding in Jacksonville. Jacksonville Sheriff’s authorities... Read more »

Miami Nun Clear Trees in Her Neighborhood After Hurricane Irma

September 13, 2017
The cleanup after Hurricane Irma is a gigantic endeavor, after the dangerous tempest hit Florida and neighboring states throughout the end of the week. In Miami, a religious woman... Read more »

5 Death At Florida Nursing Home Without Electric City After Hurricane Irma

September 13, 2017
No less than 5 nursing home inhabitants have passed on in Hollywood, Florida, as per an announcement by city authorities. The passings might be because of the loss of... Read more »

Florida Keys Houses were destroyed following Hurricane Irma

September 12, 2017
As some Florida Keys inhabitants come back to their crushed islands Tuesday, 15 million Floridians are realizing when they’ll at long last get control back. All clients who lost... Read more »