Puppies sold by Petland, May carry Campylobacter germs, CDC said

September 11, 2017
Puppies conveying a typical germ have contaminated 39 individuals and put nine of them into the clinic, government wellbeing authorities said Monday. The cases are altogether connected to puppies... Read more »

Body Found of 3 Year Old Child, Mother is Arrested

September 5, 2017
The mother of a missing three-year-old kid and her beau have been captured as police found a tyke’s remaining parts encased inside cement at their home. Police in Kansas... Read more »

3 Year Old Baby Found in Concrete Structure At Wichita, Kansas

September 4, 2017
The remaining parts of a 3-year-old kid were discovered this end of the week in a solid structure inside a house in Kansas, KWCH reports. Police said they were... Read more »

Double Homicide in Newton, Mother and Daughter Found Dead in Home

August 8, 2017
Newton police say they are investigating a double homicide including a 24-year-old mother and her 4-year-old little girl. Officers found the two individuals dead at a home around 11... Read more »