Jacob Thompson Dead With Cancer Before Christmas

November 20, 2017
Jacob Thompson, the kid who got a great many Christmas cards from enchanted fans this fall, has kicked the bucket after a long fight with disease. The 9-year-old was... Read more »

9 Year Old Cancer Patient Wants To Celebrate Last Christmas

November 3, 2017
A kid and his family are longing for cards from individuals around the globe to pay tribute to his most loved occasion of Christmas. Jacob Thompson, 9, is battling... Read more »

Strong Storm Ends Northeastern United States, 1.2M Without Power

October 30, 2017
An extreme tempest pressing sea tempest compel wind blasts and dousing precipitation cleared through the Northeast early Monday, thumping out power for about 1.5 million homes and organizations and... Read more »

2 Motorcyclists Dead in Horror Crash During Charitable Ride At Maine

September 10, 2017
Maine State Police say two motorcyclists partaking in a beneficent ride have kicked the bucket in an impact with a pickup truck. Police say the two tenants of the... Read more »