Baby death by Marijuana overdose, Colorado doctors says

November 16, 2017
Two toxic substance control specialists claim to have archived the primary known instance of death by marijuana overdose, starting a therapeutic civil argument over what killed a 11-month-old baby... Read more »

Medical Marijuana for patients approved by doctors

November 2, 2017
More than 100 doctors have been endorsed as experts who can ensure patients for medical marijuana. State well being authorities call it a tremendous improvement. “We will get medical... Read more »

Study says Marijuana not reduce sexual desire

October 27, 2017
Who oftentimes utilize marijuana are probably going to engage in sexual relations all the more regularly, new study inform. The specialists found that the women in the examination who... Read more »

Cannabis use among teen in the US has reached a low level of 20 years, Study says

September 10, 2017
As per various media outlets, the feds just discharged subtle elements affirming that cannabis utilization among adolescents in the US achieved a 20-year low in 2016, while liquor utilization... Read more »