Women Dead After Boy Jumped Overpass on I-66 in Suicide Attempt

October 30, 2017
A lady driving on a Virginia expressway was killed Saturday when a 12-year-old kid bounced off a bridge and arrived on her auto in a presumed suicide endeavor. The... Read more »

Ex School Assistant Charged of Child Sex Crime Against HIV-Positive

October 24, 2017
A previous Maryland school helper and track mentor blamed for sexually attacking a few male understudies while he was HIV positive was prosecuted Friday on more charges as the... Read more »

2 Judges Feel Atheist “Offense” Saw Peace Cross in Bladensburg

October 18, 2017
Two judges on the fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Jim Wynn and Stephanie Thacker, have embraced the view that agnostics are affronted when they drive by a veterans... Read more »

Shooting at Maryland: 5 people shot 3 dead at a business park in Edgewood

October 18, 2017
EDGEWOOD, MARYLAND – Three people are dead after a shooting at a business park in Maryland, with the gunman accepted to be still free to move around at will.... Read more »

Las Vegas Shooting Victim Wakes Up From Coma

October 14, 2017
A 27-year-old Maryland local who was shot in the head amid the Las Vegas shooting has risen up out of a state of unconsciousness and made her initially strides... Read more »

28 People Arrested in Illegal Immigration in Maryland

September 29, 2017
Federal immigration officials say they arrested 28 people in Cook County as part of a nationwide sweep targeting “sanctuary” jurisdictions, which limit local authorities’ cooperation in immigration investigations. In... Read more »

Pig Barn Closed Due To Inspectors Found Sick Pig At Frederick’s Fair

September 24, 2017
A pig outbuilding has been shut at a reasonable in Frederick after state examiners found no less than one debilitated creature and were trying it for swine influenza. The... Read more »

2 Teenager Student Arrested Over Classmate Girl Rape At Frederick

September 21, 2017
A Maryland young lady could confront charges for professedly helping plot an associate’s assault, police said. Soon after 12 pm on Sept. 2, a 18-year-old lady was opening the... Read more »

Police Found Love Triangle in Dead of Maryland Pregnant Teacher

September 14, 2017
Tyler Tessier, 32, is accused of first-degree kill in the passing of Laura Wallen, who police say was four months pregnant. The 31-year-old secondary teacher had been accounted for... Read more »

Boyfriend Allegedly Sets Girlfriend on Fire Because She is Pregnant

September 9, 2017
A Maryland lady who was seven months pregnant was compelled to convey her child after she was determined to flame by her beau, as per reports. Andrea Grinage, 31,... Read more »