Governor Ohio’s Candidate Swank Sexual History

November 17, 2017
Ohio Democratic gubernatorial applicant and sitting state Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill reacted to the current sexual offense allegations against Sen. Al Franken on Friday by bragging about his... Read more »

Ohio Authorities Charged Against 100 People For Drug Trafficking

November 7, 2017
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine joined individuals from the Columbiana County Drug Task Force in East Liverpool today to report points of interest of a 756-count prosecution documented as... Read more »

10 Year Old Boy Leads Joyride Officer At 100 Mph in Ohio

October 27, 2017
Prosecutors have charged a 10-year-old kid after he drove Ohio state police on a 100 mph auto pursue on Thursday morning. The kid was accused of unyieldingly escaping and... Read more »

Ohio Man Charged of Rape and Dead of 13 Month Old Daughter

October 27, 2017
An Ohio man blamed in the assault and murder for a 13-month-old young lady was caught early Friday in Pennsylvania in the wake of being on the keep running... Read more »

Husband Found Wife’s Murderer and Call 911: ‘I Think Someone Killed My Wife’

October 24, 2017
Police are exploring the conditions encompassing the demise of a center teacher in Ohio. CBS News partner WOIO-TV reports 49-year-old Melinda Pleskovic was discovered dead within her home in... Read more »

5 Teenagers Charged With Murder in Interstate 75 in Ohio

October 23, 2017
Police accused five young people of murder on Monday, Oct.23, blaming them for dropping a stone from an expressway bridge and killing a 32-year-old father of four. Kyle Anger,... Read more »

8 Year Old Boy Body Found After 3 Person Shots Dead At Southern Ohio

October 12, 2017
Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless affirmed the group of 8-year-old Devin Holston was discovered Thursday morning in a house trailer. Rebellious said Holston endured gunfire wounds, and it showed... Read more »

2 Police Officer Shot At Ohio Classic BMW Car Dealer in Willoughby Hills

September 28, 2017
An Ohio police boss says two officers were injured in a shooting at an auto dealership, and a suspect was likewise shot and is in authority. Boss Christopher Collins... Read more »

CDC report says Chlorine disinfectants with molecules in swimmers

September 21, 2017
An excessive amount of pee and too minimal outside air presumably influenced workers of an indoor water to stop wiped out, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report.... Read more »

Ohio Mother says her son died after being evacuated from drug treatment center during Hurricane Irma

September 16, 2017
Hurricane Irma didn’t execute Kyle Whaley. Not in fact. It was heroin, possibly fentanyl. In any case, who realizes what might have happened had Whaley, 25, a previous Ohio... Read more »