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2 Hawaii Women Rescued At U.S. Navy Base in Okinawa

American mariners who were lost adrift for about a half year have touched strong ground out of the blue since May 3.

Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava arrived at the U.S. maritime base on Okinawa, Japan, on Monday, finishing their safeguard following a 18-day trip transformed into a months-in length bad dream.

The match had wanted to cruise from Honolulu to Tahiti with their canines on board the 50-foot Sea Nymph, until the point when a Pacific tempest overwhelmed their motor and harmed their sails.

Going off lessened power, the companions — who conceded that they were not well arranged — wound up far away course, straying a large number of miles from their goal.

A Taiwanese angling vessel discovered them 900 miles off the bank of Japan on Tuesday, with the U.S. Naval force’s USS Ashland at that point lifting them up and taking them to the base.

Appel, an accomplished mariner, said that the match had pressed far in overabundance of the sustenance they would require, having wanted to go around the South Pacific after the 18 days to Tahiti.

She noticed that their supply was 90% exhausted when they were safeguarded, and that she and Fuiava, a cruising beginner, had been imparting some of their sustenance to canine buddies Zeus and Valentine.

At a certain point, the match turned back and announced being close to the Hawaiian island of Oahu, yet couldn’t make it inside scope of somebody who could offer assistance.

They likewise said that the Sea Nymph went under assault by sharks, which would smash the vessel.

Appel still needs to make the trek to Tahiti, conceivably as right on time as next spring.