Opioids Are Just The Latest Drug Epidemic in US

October 28, 2017
Pronouncing the opioid emergency a national general wellbeing crisis, President Trump stated: “No one has seen anything like what’s happening now.” He was both good and bad, the Associated... Read more »

Fentanyl death case half from an opioid overdose CDC says

October 27, 2017
To a great degree capable synthetic opioids, for example, fentanyl, were straightforwardly in charge of the greater part of thousands of opioid overdose deaths crosswise over many states in... Read more »

Opioid Epidemic 20% of the drop in men’s labor, Alan Krueger says

September 7, 2017
The opioid epidemic is likewise a financial emergency, particularly for guys, as indicated by new research from prestigious Princeton University market analyst Alan Krueger. Fact be told, Krueger’s examination... Read more »