Officer Says Hikers Found Dead in Joshua Tree in Murder-Suicide

October 20, 2017
Two long-missing explorers were found with gunfire wounds in Joshua Tree National Park and are accepted to have kicked the bucket in a murder-suicide, specialists said. Analysts said that... Read more »

Schools Are Closed As Police Search For Homicide Suspect in Ventura

October 13, 2017
Authorities are hunting in Ventura down a speculate needed in an Orange County twofold manslaughter. Ventura police Cmdr. Tom Higgins said the suspect was perhaps observed in no time... Read more »

Brush Fire in Anaheim Hills Threatens 1000 Homes

October 9, 2017
A wildfire that emitted in Anaheim Hills late Monday morning was powered by solid Santa Ana winds and debilitating homes, consuming 2,000 sections of land up until now, with... Read more »

Semen-contaminated flute can be given to children, LAUSD says

October 1, 2017
A few school locale in Southern California cautioned guardians this end of the week that flutes and recorders given to kids through a not-for-profit music program may have been... Read more »