Boriska Kipriyanovich Says He Lived on Mars Before He Was Born on Earth

November 7, 2017
Puzzling specialists with his insight on space for about 20 years, a Russian has now astounded researchers by guaranteeing that he lived on Mars before he was reawakened on... Read more »

Siberian Tiger Attack Zookeeper After She Gives Food in Kaliningrad Zoo, Russia

November 5, 2017
This is the astonishing minute a Siberian tiger assaulted a youthful female zookeeper in full perspective of guests. The enormous feline, called Typhoon, sprang on the manager at Kaliningrad... Read more »

Lawyer Release Sample of Russian Bought Facebook Ads

November 1, 2017
Members from both sides of the aisle on the Senate Intelligence Committee alternated Wednesday tearing best attorneys from Facebook, Twitter and Google over how their organizations have reacted to... Read more »

Paul Manafort was at a turning point

October 31, 2017
In February 2016, following quite a while of lucrative paydays from remote customers, Paul Manafort wound up at an expression point. He was beginning to surrender any expectation of... Read more »

Facebook Says Content of Elections Supported By Russians Has Reached 126M Americans

October 30, 2017
An expected 126 million Americans, around 33% of the country’s populace, gotten Russian-sponsored content on Facebook amid the 2016 battle, as indicated by arranged declaration the organization submitted Monday... Read more »

President Trump Disappointed At Investigations His Ties To Russia Case

October 29, 2017
President Trump’s dissatisfaction at the examinations concerning his crusade’s ties with Russia bubbled over on Sunday, as he tried to move the concentration to a reiteration of allegations against... Read more »

Twitter Ban Ads 2 Russian News Agencies RT and Sputnik

October 26, 2017
The prohibition on promoting from Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik, and every single connected record, was “as of now”. US experts say both go about as “a stage for... Read more »

Source Says Google Found Russia Bought Ads on YouTube, Gmail During 2016 Election

October 9, 2017
Google has found Russian agents burned through a huge number of dollars on advertisements on its YouTube, Gmail and Google Search items with an end goal to intrude in... Read more »

Facebook will provide 3,000 Russia-related ads to Congress

October 2, 2017
Facebook said it anticipates Monday to swing over to the U.S. Congress copies of somewhere in the range of 3,000 promotions that the social network says were likely purchased... Read more »

Russia Used Facebook Sought To Stress Over Muslims and Black Lives Matter

September 25, 2017
Facebook advertisements from the 2016 race cycle that were connected to Russian government performing artists included messages that looked to endeavor and partition in light of hot-catch racial issues,... Read more »