Huge Sea Cow Skeleton Found At Russian Beach

November 21, 2017
The monstrous skeleton of a terminated ocean warm blooded animal was revealed and distinguished on Russia’s far eastern coastline, the Russian nature service reported Friday. The 5.2-meter example, missing... Read more »

4 Billion Passenger Pigeons Have Disappeared

November 16, 2017
North America was at one time a perfect world for traveler pigeons. At the point when European colonizers initially touched base, upwards of 5 billion of the dark sponsored,... Read more »

Boriska Kipriyanovich Says He Lived on Mars Before He Was Born on Earth

November 7, 2017
Puzzling specialists with his insight on space for about 20 years, a Russian has now astounded researchers by guaranteeing that he lived on Mars before he was reawakened on... Read more »