Raila Odinga Wants Reelection For a Young Democracy in Kenya

October 25, 2017
It was constantly about more than a solitary race. Kenya’s legal, which has fought for quite a long time to set up its autonomy, declared itself a month ago... Read more »

3 Dead in Opposition Protests Against in Kenya

August 12, 2017
Three individuals, including a youngster, have been shot dead in Kenya in resistance dissents after the fervently race triumph of President Uhuru Kenyatta. Exhibitions and running fights with police... Read more »

Uhuru Kenyatta Become New President of Kenya After Wins Against Raila Odinga

August 11, 2017
Mr Kenyatta, in office since 2013, took 54.3% of votes, in front of his adversary Raila Odinga, with 44.7%. After the declaration, Mr Kenyatta called for solidarity, telling restriction... Read more »