WHO says more than 120 people died of plague in Madagascar

ANTANANARIVO CITY, MADAGASCAR – More than 120 people have passed on from the plague in the island nation of Madagascar as indicated by the World Health Organization. Since August,... Read more »

As The Epidemic of Madagascar Epidemic Weakens Adherence, Concerns Remain

An episode of torment in Madagascar has begun to decrease lately, with 12 beforehand influenced locale announcing no new affirmed or plausible cases, as indicated by WHO. As of... Read more »

Global Obesity in Childhood Has Increased Tenfold in 40 Years

There are 11 times more youngsters and adolescents who are corpulent now than 40 years prior. Comprehensively, 124 million children matured 5 to 19 years of age were viewed... Read more »

New study says Children “gender straitjacket” in age of 10

Over the world, from Beijing to Baltimore, kids are straitjacketed into gender parts in early youthfulness, with the world growing for young men and shutting in for young ladies,... Read more »